General and Preventative Care

Have you found yourself searching for a dentist and come across the terms “General Dentistry” or “Family Dentistry,” “Oral Surgeon,” or “Orthodontist” and wondered if you were in the right place?

General and family dentistry refer to the most common, day-to-day dental providers. Much in the same way that your family doctor and their staff give you regular check-ups to make sure your overall physical health is in good condition – general dentists and hygienists make sure that your oral health (teeth, gums, tongue) is in good condition.

There are plenty of ways in which we work with you to make that happen. When you visit our office, we’ll give you a preliminary consultation to get to know you and your health history. Next, we’ll schedule a time for a comprehensive exam that will allow our staff to get a thorough look at your jaw, teeth, gums, and tongue.

We’ll schedule regular cleanings and check-ups, discuss and diagnose any issues with pain or sensitivity, and develop a treatment plan for repair or restoration. We may have to schedule you for root canals, fillings, crowns, or bridges to make sure your teeth are healthy and in good shape. You may be interested in making your teeth appear whiter or more polished – we can certainly do that as well!

Sometimes, we’ll discover that you might need a different type of assistance. Much in the same way that your family doctor may refer you to a specialist who focuses on a specific condition or part of the body, there are dental specialists as well. From finding an orthodontist who will help realign your teeth with braces to an oral surgeon who may perform more specialized procedures, we’ll work with you to find the best specialist for your situation.

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