Arkansas Dental Centers is a family-owned network of independently operated dental clinics located throughout central and southeast Arkansas. We offer cosmetic, restorative, general and implant dentistry plus oral surgery. Invisalign® and Zoom® Whitening are also available at select locations.

Arkansas Dental Centers (ADC) is run by doctors, not investors. Founded by Dr. Chad Matone, D.D.S. in 2014, Arkansas Dental Centers seeks to improve the oral health care experience for both patients as well as doctors.

As a patient, when you visit an office that is a member of the ADC network, you can rest assured that the doctor, staff and office have been vetted by industry professionals with years of experience in the dental health industry.

For doctors, we reduce the headaches associated with running a practice and allow them to focus on what they care about most: providing quality dental care in a patient-centered environment.

Together, our offices share a vision, mission, and branded identity. However, each practice operates independently, driven by the doctors and staff that know their patients and community best.

That’s how we can guarantee that no matter which one of our thirteen locations you may visit – you’ll receive the high-quality care you’d expect from your neighborhood family dentist.

Arkansas Dental Centers

When you visit a practice in the Arkansas Dental Centers network, you’re not visiting a franchise office. Instead, you’re seeing the same experienced doctors and hygienists who have been treating the community for years. Our doctors meet regularly to discuss new innovations and exchange insights, working together in our shared goal to provide the best dental care in Arkansas.

Arkansas Dental Centers

You’re looking for a dentist who listens to your concerns, equips you with the knowledge to have better oral health, and provides compassionate care for your entire family. We understand that the best dentists and hygienists enter this profession wanting to help patients, not processing the paperwork that comes with running a practice. Through our partnership, your neighborhood dentist can focus more energy on the patient experience and less time worrying about running a business.

11 Locations Across Arkansas

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Arkansas Dental Centers is a network of locally and privately owned dental practices working together to provide our patients with the best dental experience possible.

By working together, we are able to share experience and knowledge, perform specialized procedures, and access better pricing from our vendors to pass along to our patients.

Arkansas Dental Centers Locations
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